The Circle

Every Thursday evening, we get together to explore and inspire.

The Circle is a weekly mindfulness-based gathering led by an expert guide who will facilitate a topical discussion and mindfulness practice.

Thursdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm at the Attic Studio by lululemon, 318 Queen St W. Toronto.

Always Free of charge!

The Programming March 7, 14, 21, 28

Are you digitally balanced?

We have a lot to be grateful for. 

In general, our lives are much more convenient than those of our grand parents, and we have a vast amount of opportunities provided to us through the ceaseless advancement of technology. We are going fast but are we actually going far? 

As part of Woodfield's mission to bring people together in nature (nature itself and nature of self), we are starting a 4-week mindfulness based exploration on the topic of Digital Life Balance.  

Join us Thursdays at 6:30pm this month for The Circle where we'll discuss, practice and share wisdom on how to improve health, wellness and joy through understanding our relationships to self and others and how technology plays a role in helping connect and also disconnect us. 

Nathalie Niddim and Dhani Oks will guide these sessions and explore related topics ranging from mindful ways to use technology, effects on teen brains, risks of multitasking, mindfully eating together, productive screen habits and how the erosion of eye contact is a really bad thing. 

Circles are free of charge and hosted at the Attic by lululemon, 318 Queen St. West.  Use the link below to RSVP for one or all four sessions.